Of Nuked Fridges, CG Groundhogs and Crystal Skulls

While I was on vacation, the inimitable Mr. Plinkett released his review of the logical follow-up to his dissections of the Star Wars prequels: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. As usual, amidst all the sexual deviancy and murder jokes is a pretty fantastic critical analysis of Crystal Skull‘s (many) flaws; what’s cool is that he almost totally avoids the easy, obvious targets like the fridge, the Beef turning into King of the Monkeys and such, to concentrate on more subtle problems (please note I said “mostly”). As always, Plinkett’s reviews are not for everybody, but I still feel compelled to chronicle his work on TR for movie nerds like myself. Part 1 is above, part 2 is after the jump — if the videos are acting wonky, head here to watch them directly.