Pixar’s Brave Battles Curses, Beasts, and Baseball

Pixar’s Brave scores several firsts for the company. It’s their first film with a female lead: a red-haired girl who goes adventuring, defies the traditional gender roles of her day, and deals with a calamitous curse. It’s also the first Pixar movie to get a baseball team angry. The Atlanta Braves are reportedly in a legal dispute with Disney and Pixar over the title of the film. The team doesn’t have “Brave” itself trademarked, but their lawyers still contend that the moniker comes too close to the name used on all sorts of Braves merchandise.

So let’s play a game: take a look at the trailer and see how much of it the average person could possibly confuse with the Atlanta Braves. Feel feel to compare the film’s themes of accomplishment to the Braves’ performance this season. And come back tomorrow, when the team will sue the Jodie Foster movie The Brave One,Sunrise’s Brave mecha-anime TV franchise from the 1990s, the Jennifer Lopez album Brave, and every HMS Brave in the British Royal Navy.

For more about Pixar’s movie, there’s an interesting talk with its former director, Brenda Chapman, over at Pixar Portal. She not only discusses her work on Brave, but also a lot of older Disney flicks. And she defends Belle from Beauty and the Beast, who I wasn’t aware needed that much defending. (via The Mary Sue)