The Most Impressive/Terrifying Bit of Cosplay You’ll See Today


Diablo superfan Joshua Smith spent two weeks constructing this replica of Blizzard Entertainment’s resident nightmare out of ordinary things like cardboard and LED lights. Once the numbness and terror of watching this subsides, check out how Smith created this impressive costume here and here. Also, Topless Robot is totally not responsible for any insomnia/nightmares/laundry bills that watching the above footage may cause. Consider yourselves warned. 

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Chris Cummins is a pop culture writer and Archie comics historian who has contributed to The Robot's Voice, Den of Geek US, Philebrity, Geekadelphia, Uproxx, and Unicorn Booty. He is the co-producer and co-host of Nerd Nite Philadelphia, and is regularly involved in producing and hosting New York Super Week events. In 2014, Chris began Sci-Fi Explosion, a mix of live performance, trivia and funny clips celebrating the weirdest in science fiction that regularly travels around the United States. He wrote the introductions to the compilations Archie's Favorite Comics From The Vault and (with Paul Castiglia) Archie's Favorite High School Stories. You can find Chris on Twitter at @bionicbigfoot and @scifiexplosion.