The Prometheus Trailer Has Its Own Trailer

Far be it from me to tell 20th Century Fox how to hype their kinda-sorta Alien prequel, but putting up a preview for the Prometheus trailer itself seems a touch excessive. Of course, I’m going to play right into their hands because the real Prometheus trailer won’t be out until Thursday. What’s more, this preview has director Ridley Scott chattering about the film in vague, epic terms, and I doubt we’ll see that in the proper trailer.

And what else has Scott said about the movie? To recap, he’s said that it’ll explore the distant origins of the human race and the alien element of said origins. But everyone’s far more interested in Prometheus delving into the background of the Space Jockeys, the biggest mystery in Alien lore. Though they’re possibly responsible for the whole mess of acid-blooded, chest-bursting monstrosities, official Alien canon shows the Jockeys only in the form of a single giant skeleton lying in the derelict spaceship that housed all the xenomorph eggs.

Scott’s also said that the original H.R. Giger xenomorph itself won’t appear in Prometheus, though anonymous sources have reported seeing actors in xenomorph costumes on the set. And the trailer-for-the-trailer shows Michael Fassbender, as an inquisitive android, handling a beaker that couldn’t possibly contain an Alien-brand face-hugger. Even if there’s no actual xenomorph, we can still hope for the real story (and perhaps the proper name) of the Space Jockeys. No longer will we have to settle for contradictory comics and novels where they look like sad old elephants.