What the Hell? New Rocky Movie to Feature Apollo’s Grandson?


“Ain’t nothin’ over till it’s over.”

And if it’s a property that MGM owns – think Red Dawn, Bond and Robocop – it’ll NEVER be over. Rocky Balboa was supposed to bring closure to the series, and even allow for the possibility that you could ignore all the middle films yet have the first and last play as two halves of one tale. But in a bending-over-backwards move that Deadline is spinning as a passion project for Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler, the franchise is going for a reboot with Creed, in which Apollo’s spoiled, rich grandson learns the value of hard work when he trains under Rocky.

Yes, Rocky, I am a little bit scared. On the other hand, if they want to do an all-out Rocky Babies franchise featuring the grandkids of Drago, Clubber Lang and Uncle Paulie’s robot, I think I’d be okay with that…but it would have to be animated.