Whedon-Free Buffy Reboot Falls on its Own Stake


?It’s rare to find news that will delight Buffy fans as well as those of us who hate the franchise so much that the image at right prompts fits of outrage untold. But both sides can enjoy the latest reports about the Buffy the Vampire Slayer film reboot, which Fox planned without the input of creator Joss Whedon or star Sarah Michelle Gellar. Two inside sources say that the whole thing’s one step further from being made.

And that’s because the Buffy movie’s backers at Fox ditched writer Whit Anderson and her script, which reportedly fell shy of what the producers wanted and “didn’t have enough on the page,” or so the anonymous sources said. The project’s now in search of a new script, though Gellar and the Avengers-writing Whedon still appear uninvolved. So Buffy fans can relax, as they won’t see a de-Whedoned relaunch anytime soon. And the opposite side can be relieved that there’s less chance of any Buffy at all in the future.

And me? I’m sort of in the middle when it comes to Buffy, but I’m fascinated by entertainment that never sees the light of day. What was so bad about Anderson’s script? Was Buffy cryogenically frozen to fight vampires in 2575? Was Willow a talking cat sidekick? One anonymous source mentions that she “reinvented some of the lore and it was pretty cool,” which could mean a lot of things. (Via Blastr)