Who Bids Adieu to Amy and Rory


?Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has announced that companions Amy and Rory will be leaving the show midway through the seventh season. Moreover, he’s said the couple will have a “heartbreaking end” when they depart.


Dear Steven Moffat — I like you. You’ve written some excellent episodes of Doctor Who and your Sherlock series is one my favorite TV shows ever, even though it only has three episodes at the moment. But if you screw over Amy and Rory, I will destroy you. Who fans already had to go through the nightmare of the Donna Noble’s ridiculously (and needlessly) sad ending, and I refuse to go through it again. Amy and Rory — oh, especially Rory — deserve better than some horrific, tragic fate. You and the rest of the Doctor Who team have done well in remembering that Who is a family show, meant to entertain adults and children simultaneously, but you seem to be skewing more to the adult side of things. Kids don’t tune into Doctor Who every week to bawl their eyes out, and neither do I.

So fucking watch it.


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