The Hobbit’s Lego Sets Are PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSS (Updated)


?You’re looking at one of the 10 amazingly awesome Lego sets for The Hobbit, and yes, that’s a little Lego Gollum. Lord of the Brick has pics of the other nine here, all named after Hobbit chapters. This means there might be a spoiler warning — because this definitely includes sets from the second movie (because Smaug’s in a couple of them!) and there’s stuff like Beorn and the trolls and more, so just be aware. In related news, AAAAAARRRGGGGHH THESE ARE SO FUCKING AWESOME I WANT TO DIE.

As many of you have noted, these appear to be fan-made creations — awesome fan-made creations, but fan-made nonetheless. I was admittedly a little confused why Lego would release sets from the second movie so early, but the site’s in French so I couldn’t tell they were fan-made. My apologies, guys. Here’s hoping the real sets are as good.