Being Mitchell’s Replacement on Being Human

Despite having lost Mitchell the vampire, George the werewolf and now apparently Nina the other werewolf, the UK Being Human presses on with season 4, with new monsters joining the series’ sole remaining original character Annie the ghost. This the first look at Hal, the brooding — well, brooding in a bitter way more than an emo way, thankfully  — yet not nearly as attractive vampire replacement for Mitchell, via this prequel/promo video set in 1955 at a werewolf fight (note: it’s not that actor Damien Molony is unattractive, per se, it’s just that Aidan Turner was preposterously good-looking). Anyways, I’m not really feeling Hal yet, but I’ll give him at least an episode or two.

See, my worry is that Being Human was actually kind of terrible, except for the fantastic actors and the phenomenal ways they portrayed their relationships with each other. It’s what kept me watching, despite when the stories themselves were crap. Being Human is either going to have to have better stories or re-establish new, fantastically compelling relationships in order to be watchable. I’d say the former is more likely than the latter, although I don’t think the former is all that likely, unfortunately. (Via Blastr)