DC’s #2 (Again)


?How long do you suppose half-scrapping decades of comics continuity and relaunching every single title in your catalog gets you on the American comics throne? If you supposed three months, you’re right — Marvel was back on top as the #1 direct market comic publisher in December 2011, ending DC’s three-month reign.

That’s not to say DC is doing poorly — indeed, they were only 1% less than Marvel in dollar share, less than 1.5% in market share, and they dominated the Top 10 comics of the month, holding eight spots to Marvel’s two, including the four best-selling comics of December (Justice League, Batman, Green Lantern, and Action Comics, respectively). However, I’m sure someone at DC (probably several someones) is rather upset that their grand experiment couldn’t keep them as America’s #1 comics publisher for more than a quarter of a year.

Obviously, the solution here is for DC to relaunch all their comics again. We’ll call it the DCnU-er. Seriously, it’s the only answer that makes any sense any more. (Via Newsarama)