Ferris Bueller Does Not Have Another Day Off

That video that went around like wildfire yesterday — the video that’s above — is almost certainly a teaser for a Super Bowl ad (which happens to be on February 5th, 2012), and not an ad for a complete Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 2 movie which had somehow escaped the notice of every single Hollywood trade and entertainment newsite. Which is fine by me. Ferris Bueller is an asshole. Besides, they already made a Ferris Bueller sequel and it was called Election, where Ferris ends up a sad high school principal himself, who is tormented by his super-popular student Reese Witherspoon, the fact that his glory days are long over, and that he’s getting exactly what he deserves.

One more thing: A friend once told me that he thought — knew, actually — that Alan Ruck’s character Cameron was obviously fucking Ferris’ girlfriend behind his back. Next time you see the move, pay close attention to Cameron and Sloane. You’ll never unsee it.