First Look at the River Song Videogame– Er, Doctor Who Videogame

Finally, a trailer for that Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock game for the PS3, PS Vita and PC has surfaced, and we have our first look at what the game will contain — specifically, the Doctor and River Song running about, jumping on things, and basically sharing protagonist duties. It appears the game is a 2-D platformer — at least partially — and while I know I saw River shooting things, I’m not sure if I saw the Doctor doing so. I’m of two minds on this; 1) it’d be out of character for the Doctor to grab a blaster and start gunning his way through levels, but 2) if the Doctor doesn’t carry a gun in this game I’m pretty sure that means we’ll spend more time playing River than the Doctor, which is not ideal.

That said, the graphics look all right, although the whole thing looks and feels all just feels like a PSN downloadable game more than a real release — and it would be nice if it were, because maybe then we’d get it for Xbox Live, too. Still, my only real quibble is at the end, when the Dalek says “YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT US, DOCTOR.” Look, Dalek, the Doctor has defeated you constantly. Ceaselessly, even. So maybe while you think the odds are in your favor at the moment, you can’t say “never” without sounding like an idiot. Better to say, “YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT DEFEAT US THIS TIME, DOCTOR” or maybe even “ALTHOUGH YOU’VE DEFEATED US IN THE PAST MANY, MANY TIMES, DOCTOR. I’M JUST FEELING REALLY OPTIMISTIC RIGHT NOW, ALTHOUGH I ADMIT YOU DEFEATING US IS STILL EXTREMELY PLAUSIBLE, IF NOT PROBABLE.” (Via Kotaku)