Geek Apparel of the Week: Muggle Red Ale, Duel in Space, Eva Parkas


?? Honestly, I think I’m posting this Hogwarts beer logo purely because it’s modeled after the Smithwick’s logo, and I find Smithwick’s o be a very tasty beer. Still, I’ve run shirts for worse reasons. It’s $12 at Qwertee for four more hours, and then that’s that.


?? Meanwhile, while it’s not my personal style, I imagine there are more than a few of you who would be thrilled to wear a shirt with both Han Solo and Mal Reynolds on it. It’s $12 at OtherTees for the next two days.


?? Gainax has decided to dip its toe into the Evangelion merchandising pool, and these cat-eared Evangelion hoodies — which are being called parkas for some reason — are the result. They come in Unit-01, Unit-02 and yellow Unit-00 flavors, and are reversible with some kind of Angel-esque leopard print on the inside. They’re 7250 yen or about $95, and you can try to pre-order them here if you can read Japanese and they ship internationally and you have the wind at your back. There are more pics of ’em at ANN.