Geek Apparel of the Week: Yo Joe!

It’s G.I. Joe week here at Topless Robot. So what does that mean, exactly?

Here’s the PR-spin, not-entirely untrue answer: G.I. Joe is a property that hits our sweet spot, crossing into movies, toys, comics, cartoons and weird spin-off merchandise. In celebration of the new movie, why not show our love for five days?

But you don’t want to hear that. Here’s the real answer: I got some good G.I. Joe-related interviews, and a pretty sweet toy giveaway from our friends at Hasbro. In order not to make it all seem redundant, I came up with the idea of a theme week so you won’t go, “Why is there a post every day on the same topic? Are you on the take?”

I’m not. I could have kept those free toys for myself, but one of you’s getting ’em instead. I did always love the Joes and I think the content is all stuff you’ll like. I wouldn’t do it otherwise. Occasional appearances aside, I aim to please.

And this new Joe shirt from WeLoveFine made me LOL, so it’s today’s on-topic post:


Oh, and if you have some creative suggestions for the toy contest, leave them in comments below. I may use your idea if I like it enough.