I Think the Modal Nodes’ Job Is Safe

Here’s a bunch of dogs singing the “Imperial March.”

…yeah, I got nothin’. This is obviously a Volkswagen commercial, but it doesn’t mention the company or its cars. It doesn’t even show a picture of a car, which I would think would be somewhat important in trying to make people want to buy said cars. The commercial does claim “It will all make sense on February 5” which, not coincidentally, is the same day as the Super Bowl. Since VW rocked us last year with Lil’ Vader at the same event, I think it’s safe to say they have something up their sleeve, although how they get from a bunch of dogs nerd-caroling to “please buy this vehicle” is beyond me. Still, I’d buy a Volkswagon tomorrow if that dog in the Chewbacca bandolier came with it. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.