The Ballad of Leonard Nimoy


(If you don’t know the tune, it’s this)

On the sideline of the bridge, on the ship of Kirk
Stood a brave little Vulcan who was good at his work
With his angled eyebrows, bowl-cut hair, he had pointed ears ya know and everyone’s aware
He’s Nimoy! Leonard Nimoy! Our favorite, Mister Spock!
Nimoy! Leonard Nimoy! The number one alien I grok

Now Vulcans are a logical race, ya jerk
A perfect counterbalance to the Captain, Kirk
They don’t like to laugh or shed a tear
They only study science with their pointy ears
But one day Nimoy was asked to go
Boldly on an adventure, a three-season show
To help a crew seek out new life
While with the cranky Doctor he’d be causing strife
Nimoy! Leonard Nimoy! Where none have gone before, he’ll go!
Nimoy! Leonard Nimoy! Our favorite crewman on the show.

Well he fought with the Klingons
He went through Pon farr!
Got goateed and was evil
On a Trek to the Stars!

He was killed by Khan, revived on Genesis, escaped in a wormhole to the JJ-verse…Nimoy! Leonard Nimoy! The bravest little Vulcan of them all!

Now we know his career featured other things
Like songs about characters from Lord of the Rings
A Body Snatchers remake, impossible mission
He’s no longer here, and for more time we’re wishin’
Nimoy! Leonard Nimoy! He wasn’t only Spock!
Nimoy! Leonard Nimoy! But that was how our hearts with him were locked.