Geek Apparel of the Week: District 14, Astaroids, Yellowjacket


?? District 13 might be long gone in The Hunger Games, but even more forgotten is District 14, which used to provide the nation of Panem with all its tacos. When District 14 shuttered its doors, that when life really went to hell. It’s $12 at Woot, today only.

astaroids main_01.jpg

?? Shockingly, that’s not a typo in the article title — the shirt really is called Astaroids and not Asteroids, because of the ships originating from Star-titled franchises. Anyways, it’s still pretty subtle and simple, and I always like that. It’s $20 at 604 Republic.


?? We Love Fine has three minimalist Avengers t-shirts out, including Vision and Hawkeye, but my favorite for some reason is Yellowjacket here. If I stopped and thought about it I could explain why, but I’d rather play Saints Row the Third some more, so too bad. It’s $25 at We Love Fine — and I should mention this is the last week to enter their design-an-Avengers-t-shirt contest. I expect great results from this contest, so I hope a few Topless Roboteers threw their hats into the ring.