G.I. Joes Are Fists That Ride Exploding Motorcycles, I Think

There’s a new TV spot for the still unbelievably good-looking G.I. Joe: Retaliation movie, which includes a bit of new footage: In part of it, The Rock explains how G.I. Joe is a fist — although by those standards technically any team that worked together could be considered a fist, including, presumably, Cobra — and in another part the motorcycle that Snake Eyes rides and fires missiles from and then jumps off a ramp now breaks into pieces, all of which have rockets on them, making them de facto missiles. It’s as awesome as it is ridiculous, and it’s extremely ridiculous. If I could make a suggestion to director Jon Chu, if there’s time, I’d switch The Rock’s dialogue in his scene to this: “G.I. Joes? We’re like an awesome exploding motorcycle. Together, we go really fast. Separate, we still blow a lot of shit up.” (Via ToyNewsI)