Oh, Yeah, Ghost Rider 2 Is Still a Thing

Between Avengers, G.I. Joe: Retaliation and The Amazing Spider-Man, I’d kind of forgotten all about little Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance coming out in the next couple of weeks. Bloody Disgusting has three new TV spots for the flick; I picked this one mostly because of a flaming skull doing a pretty solid Nic Cage impression while looming out of the car’s sunroof. But the reason I’m mentioning this at all is because of the synopsis BD posted, which I hadn’t seen before:

It has been several years since making a deal with the Devil and
Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage), living in self-imposed isolation, finds
himself as the only person who can help save 10-year-old Danny – and
ultimately the world – thanks to his unwanted and uncontrollable power –
his ability to transform into the hell-on-wheels monster known as The
Ghost Rider.

…Danny? Maybe as in Danny Ketch? As in the other Ghost Rider? Sure, maybe it’s a coincidence, but if I get to see the flaming skull of a 10-year-old in this film, that’s going to earn it a minimum of two stars.