The Avengers Have a Mild Philosophical Disagreement with the X-Men


?Newsarama has the first seven or so pages of Avengers Vs. X-Men for your perusal here; seeing as it’s Marvel’s big deal for the year, I figured you might want to check it out. I liked it — it’s mostly set-up, but it seems to move at a pretty brisk pace, which is good because all I want to see are the Avengers fighting the X-Men, and I’d say there a decent chance of someone throwing a punch in the very first issue. Still, far be it for me to not bitch about something, so here goes:
? While I’m mildly annoyed that Wolverine and Beast have apparently decided to stick with the Avengers side — I’m very perturbed that apparently Namor is not only hanging out with the X-Men now, but also going to fight on their behalf against his old team. I know Namor was retconned into the first mutant at some point, but he’s an Atlantean first and foremost, both to readers and in his head. Basically, THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM WHAT I’M USED TO AND I HATE IT.
? Also, Marvel, Red Hulk makes everything 20% less cool. Just a fact. Use regular Hulk or no Hulk at all, as god and Stan and Jack intended.