The Wheel of Time Finally Rolls to a Halt Next Year


?Good news for you poor bastards who are still slogging through Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series — the final novel now has a release date. The Memory of Light will be released on January 8th, 2013, written by Brandon Sanderson from Robert Jordan’s massive pile of Cheetos-stained notes for his dawdling, misogynistic fantasy epic. Admittedly, I stopped reading Wheel of Time after the sixth volume, Lord of Chaos, in which nothing happened over the course of 700 or so pages — so I don’t know if Sanderson has stayed true to Robert Jordan’s original vision of a magical land where women are only bitches or sluts (although they tend to switch in-between books). All I know is that Robert Jordan died with both hands stuck in Pringles containers. And that I won’t be reading The Memory of Light in 2013. (Via Geeks of Doom)