Toy Fair 2012 Madness Part 4: Miscellaneous


?? I totally whiffed on NECA’s awesome Valve figures. ToyNewsI has a gallery of Gordon Freeman, the Heavy from Team Fortress 2, some Left 4 Dead folks, some Borderlands folks, and WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY PORTAL ACTION FIGURES GODDAMMIT
? Speaking of videogame toys, Square Enix is doing Mass Effect 3 figures as part of its Play Arts line. Did we know that? I don’t think we knew that. First wave includes DudeShep, Ashley and Garrus.
? Bandai showed exactly zero new ThunderCats toys. I agree with TNI, this is undoubtedly a bad sign.
? Mezco is making Mars Attacks figures. Weird.
? Jakks Pacific is remaking Big Wheels. As a kif who had to replace his wheels half a dozen times because he rode his Big Wheel everywhere all the time, I would like to suggest an adult-sized Big Wheel, please.