Yo (More) Joe (Movie Toys and SDCC Exclusives)

gijoe movie 2 sdcc.jpg

?If USA Today‘s look at the first wave of action figures from G.I. Joe: Retaliation didn’t quite sate you, more pics have surfaced of the many vehicles, three-packs, and role-play items. They’re all pretty groovy, but not quite as groovy as the also revealed G.I. Joe movie SDCC exclusive including Jinx (although does that mean she won’t be in the regular line?), a variant Jinx, and most excitingly to be another G.I. Joe/Transformers mash-up, specifically a HISS Tank dolled up in Soundwave Shockwave colors (from left to right, obviously). Like last year’s Starcream/Skystriker jet, it doesn’t transform, but it’s still pretty awesome. (Via ToyNewsI)