DVD Day: March 13th, 2012


?? The Adventures of Tintin
You know, I should really be a lot more excited about a movie co-written by Edgar Wright and Stephen Moffat and co-directed by Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg.

? The Three Musketeers
Meanwhile, I actually am kind of excited to this this assuredly godawful Milla Jovovich vehicle from Paul W.S. Anderson. I understand this is a problem, and I am ashamed.

? Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen, The Robots of Death and The Three Doctors Special Editions
All special editions, so all packed with extras.

? Doctor Who: The Face of Evil
The non-special edition of story 79 with Tom Baker.

? One Piece Collection 5
Please buy this so I can finally get the Water Seven/Enies Lobby and Thriller Bark arcs on DVD. Pretty please?

? Wizards: 35th Anniversary Edition
This Blu-ray comes with a little booklet and a Bakshi commentary (which might have been on the DVD release, for all I know).

? Neverland
A Syfy prequel to Peter Pan where Captain Hook’s crocodile is a giant dinosaur thing-y, because of course it is.

? Wallace and Gromit: World of Invention
A six-episode series where Wallace and Gromit show off other people’s ridiculous — but apparently real — inventions. Enh, call me when Feathers McGraw gets released.

? The Guild Season 5

? Superjail! Season 2