It’s a Game of Thrones House Party

As if to mock me for teasing them about releasing so many great Game of Thrones season 2 trailers, HBO just released five new videos, themed to each of the five major houses of season 2: Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Targaryen and Greyjoy. When I say new, I should probably clarify that there’s a lot of season 1 footage in these, except for the Baratheon trailer (above) and the Greyjoy trailer (below), both of which I’m posting on the front page for that very reason.

The other three videos are after the jump (I also recommend giving the Targaryen video a watch, if only for Dany’s line at the end). I must, say, though, I’m kind of disappointed HBO didn’t make videos for House Kid and House Play. (Via Blastr)

House Stark:

House Lannister:

House: Targaryen: