Neko Case Crowned Queen of Adult Swim

…after having been crowned Queen of my heart in 2001. Anyways, the alt-country chanteuse will be voicing not one, but two roles in upcoming Adult Swim cartoons. First, she’s the voice of a siren (naturally) named Chrysanthemum who tantalizes Carl in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which will air this Sunday at 11:45 p.m. Her fellow sirens include fellow singer Kelly Hogan and former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher John Kruk (also naturally). Delightfully, Neko (and Hogan, and quite possibly Kruk) will sing all her lines.
Better still, Neko will also voice the title character in the upcoming AS cartoon pilot Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge (she’s Cheyenne, not the unicorn). The other voices on the show include AS mainstay mc chris, T-Pain and MF Doom.

FYI, if Neko Case ever goes missing, it’s incredibly unlikely that I’ll have her in my attic, where I tend to her lovingly but force her to make up songs about me and her having adventures. Just sayin’. (Via Pop Candy)