Talk and Relevant Discussions in Snark 8.1 – SPOILER Thread


For Pete’s sake, what did you think of Capaldi’s debut? My quick thoughts below the fold…

-I know it’s obligatory for a newly regenerated Doctor to be disoriented, but I wish they’d fast-forward through that part. Every actor plays this bit of it very similarly, all while we’re waiting for them to hurry up and get into their groove.

-Despite Vastra’s offhand comment, that dinosaur was still too big.

-They’re taking the “Strax is stupid” thing too far, just like TNG eventually did with Worf. I believe that a warrior from a race like Sontarans would lack social graces, and maybe have trouble telling apart human genders. But not knowing an eye from a mouth in a species so similar looking to his own just makes him a moron, especially since he knows what all the internal organs are.

-So who did place the newspaper ad? Matt Smith Doctor, or mysterious evil woman?

-Was that really robot heaven?

-Was Vastra sincere about telling Clara to give up on flirting with the Doctor – or does she want her to be single and therefore more desirable?

-Love that the Doctor realizes that sounding Scottish allows him to complain more. Is it also why he needed a drink? And does this give him the go-ahead to swear later on?

-Having just seen Hook, I was half-expecting Clara to pull Capaldi’s cheeks tight and go, “Oh there you are, Doctor!”

Your thoughts, below. I wasn’t big on the episode itself but I do like me some Capaldi.