Mass Effect 3 Video Quinfecta!

So… I think Mass Effect 3 comes out today or something? Seems like a couple of people are kinda excited about it.

? First up is what I’m guessing will be the most popular video — it’s the “Take Little Blonde Pigtailed Girls Back” commercial, except starring FemShep instead of BroShep. It’s nice. I think it’s more fun to watch FemShep kick aliens in the balls than BroShep, and I stand by my opinion.

? If you’re behind on your Mass Effect games like myself, you can watch this shockingly dope rap from Dan Bull to catch up. The other three videos are after the jump!

? The Screen Team (you’ll recognize them when you see them) have done another parody of a pop song I’ve never heard or even heard of. Thanks to Simon for the tip.

? Shepard isn’t the only one who wants to get a little nookie in the Mass Effect universe; here’s a look at how the crew of the  Normandy enjoys themselves whenever Shepard leaves the ship.

? Last but not least, here’s a song from Random Encounters celebrating the galaxy’s biggest bastard, Renegade Shep. Thanks to Radish Awesome for the tip.