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Seriously, SyFy, What the @#$% Are You Doing


Yesterday morning I posted the trailer for the two-hour Battlestar Galactica prequel pilot Blood and Chrome, where I mentioned that SyFy had not decided yet whether it’ was going to be a full TV series or a web series. So let me see if I can sum up the events that happened afterwards:

? The Blood and Chrome trailer proliferated throughout the nerdernet
? Generally, everybody liked it, nerds and maintsream entertainment sites alike
? SyFy took down the trailer videos.
? SyFy announces last night that Blood and Chrome will be a web series.

…so let me get this straight. A trailer for your show gets released. Everybody likes the trailer. Everybody says they hope it becomes a real show. So you immediately — the same day — decide to dump it off as a web series? I’m genuinely impressed, SyFy. Most TV stations would be thrilled to air a show their target audience seems excited about — but the minute you hear people genuinely like B&C, and have definite proff of them enjoying it, you cancel it. That’s some impressive… something. (Via Deadline)

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