The First Total Recall Remake Footage Looks Kind of Good, Actually

I’m as surprised as you are! I mean, of all the movies coming out this year that I’m excited about, Total Recall wasn’t even in the top 10, mostly because I thought is was a needless remake of a perfectly fine, not-that-old sci-fi action-adventure flick, and director Len Wiseman, mostly known for Underworld and getting to bang Kate Beckinsale, didn’t fill me with a lot of hope either. But this first bit of footage, framed like a Taiwanese advertisement for the Recall fake memory process, has me pretty optimistic with just a few seconds of footage. The action looks good, the CG looks good, and it looks like they put a lot of work into conceptualizing the look of the future, which is much appreciated. Frankly, I’m cautiously optimistic that this Total Recall might actually stand alongside its predecessor as a quality sci-fi flick, and that is not something I ever anticipated typing. Still, needs more three-breasted hookers.