60 Seconds in Heaven with the New Tron: Uprising Trailer

This is the best, most comprehensive look we’ve had at the Tron: Uprising cartoon, set in-between the movies, and in a word, GUH. It looks bizarrely great in terms of design and animation, although I admit I might be the tiniest bit biased. My only worry is that like all prequels, we know what’s going to happen, so I have a hard time imagining how this is going to end on any kind of satisfactory note, because technically doesn’t this “uprising” have to get crushed? That is, unless the series leads to to Tron: Legacy and continues past it? And they recover Tron? GUH. I JUST MADE MYSELF VERY EXCITED AGAIN. I’LL BE IN MY BUNK. INFINITE THANKS TO JAMEY B. FOR THE TIP. (Via First Showing)