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? I’m not sure you want to watch 20 minutes of behind-the-scenes Avengers footage, but if you do, part one is above and part two is here. Me, I desperately want to see it, but I’m afraid that 20 minutes of any Avengers footage will spoil shit for me I don’t want spoiled, so I’m actually going to hold off watching it until after the movie premieres or someone I trust tells me it’s safe. Note, when I say “someone I trust,” I don’t mean any of you bastards. (Via iGeektrooper)

? Somehow, the mysterious identity of Loki’s indeterminate army has possibly been revealed, but definitely has gotten more confusing — hit the jump, and you’ll see what I mean.

Topless Roboteer Kevin Goddard found that Jakks Pacific Avengers movie game with the pink alien figures in it (remember it?). He also took this picture of the box.

avengers alien toys.jpg

Fucking Skrulls.

Okay, here’s why I can’t be sure that Skrulls are in the movie: because these pink figures look like Skrulls, complete with pointy ears, and yet they look nothing like the alien/mythological bad guys in the Avengers movie trailer. Nothing. So is this a game that Jakks made that has nothing to do with the movie? If so, why is the Cosmic Cube, which we know is in the movie, involved? Were Skrulls the original Loki-army in the movie, and Jakks made the game based on them, only to have Marvel switch the bad guys to something else during the movie’s CG phase while the game pieces were being molded in China? Or are the movie guys actually Skrulls just with an un-Skrull-like design, and Joss Whedon and everyone at Marvel have been lying to our faces, Michael Bay style?

I honestly don’t want to think of everyone at Marvel movies having as much contempt for their audiences as Bay does, so I’m going to assume that Skrulls were the original movie villain, and got switched for something else during production but after Jakks had designed the game. Which means we still have no fucking clue who Loki’s army is. See, I told you that my wasting everybody’s time was not a new phenomenon.