Geek Apparel of the Week: Tributes, Collateral Damage, and Fuzz Aldrin Wants You


? A subtle and classy Hunger Games shirt? Yes, please. It’s $10 at Ript, today only.


? We Love Fine’s images are always small, so if you’re having trouble seeing what this is, it’s a skull wearing a Cobra soldier helmet and mask. Again: IT’S A COBRA SOLDIER SKULL IN BETWEEN THE WORDS “COLLATERAL DAMAGE,” and it’s unbelievably awesome. The only reason a joe fan shouldn’t be the shirt is because they’ve decided to get the image as a tattoo. It’s $25 here.


? I’m horribly late in telling you this, but Ex-Boyfriend is donating 100% of its net proceeds from its art prints, key chains and magnets to the Maryland SPCA until April 15th. You can get more details and check out their wares here. Fuzz Aldrin would want you to.