I Do Not Need This Documentary on Star Wars Toy Collecting

Because I lived it. I was there. I remember waking up at 5am on a Saturday morning to stand outside at Toys “R” Us in the mere hopes of finding a new Star Wars figure at 9am. I remember drinking White Castle coffee, which I’m still convinced was only heated wood varnish, in order to stay awake and warm. I remember fighting other grown men for a Ree-Yees figure and failing. And I remember the day it all came crashing down, and I realized I had no money, no girlfriend, and several Princess Leia figures hung on my wall. Would you make a former heroin addict watch Trainspotting? Because don’t think I haven’t fished through a filthy toilet for a Snowtrooper. Metaphorically speaking. As far as you know. (Via /Film)