I Want to Believe… and I Want to SIIINNNGGGG

Remember that unbelievably great Jurassic Park musical a few immensely talented nerds put on YouTube a couple years ago? Well, apparently they also made an X-Files musical — at 11 parts and way over two hours, I haven’t seen it all yet, obviously, but even after this first chunk I can say with 100% conviction that the only way Chris Carter will ever get me to give a shit about another X-Files movie is to put this thing up, verbatim, on the screen. Links to part 2-11 are after the jump. Much thanks to Aaron H. for the tip!

? Part 2
? Part 3
? Part 4
? Part 5
? Part 6
? Part 7
? Part 8
? Part 9
? Part 10
? Part 11