Mega Bloks Brings the WoW Wow


Lego may have Marvel and DC Superheroes — and Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean, and Harry Potter — but Mega Bloks has had… uh, some things, I guess. But now Mega Bloks has the World of Warcraft license, and goddamn if their new sets don’t look totally awesome. You can see Deathwing’s Strongwind Assault above; the line, which will be released this summer, also includes: figures of Colton, Ironoak, Ragerock, and Valoren; mounts of Swift Gryphon, Swift Wyvern, Flying Machine, and a Goblin Trike; and larger sets of The Barren’s Chase, Goblin Zeppelin, Demolisher Attack, and Sindragosa & The Lich King (all of which you can see at Comics Alliance). Also cool: Mega Bloks is including “Secret Loot” in some of the sets, which will be accessories of random Warcraft weapons, gear and artifacts. The only bad thing is that there are exactly zero female characters or figures in this first assortment, which is kind of ridiculous since half of WoW‘s players are female, and plenty of the guys play as ladies too. Maybe they’re coming later? Oh well, if nothing else these figures and sets are incredibly cool. If I were a WoW player, a kid who just wanted some awesome fantasy toys, or a raging misogynist, I’d pick these up in a heartbeat.