Now DC Direct Is Gone Too (But Not Really)


Just days after Mattel muttered on a random website that their Young Justice toylines and mass retail DC Superheroes figures were going kaput, DC announced they would be closing shop on their merchandising arm DC Direct. Of course, unlike Mattel, DC then immediately announced they were starting DC Collectibles, which is essentially the same thing as DC Direct, except they’ll have an online store of all their merchandise for people who can’t/won’t go to comic book stores. too. This includes a few store exclusives, like the 4-figure Flashpoint boxed set above (with its exclusive Emperor Aquaman figure).

Obviously, this isn’t at all like Mattel’s nonsense, I just thought it was funny that DC was managing to expand their merchandising at the same time Mattel was shutting down most of its DC merchandising. Because I’m a bad person, mostly. And don’t worry, it doesn’t sound like the new DC store is anything like Matty Collector — there’s no subscriptions, no ordering things without any idea of what figures they’ll include, or anything like that. It’s just a regular online store. Where you can see products, decide whether you want to purchase them, and them purchase them. Pretty wild, huh? (Via ToyNewsI)