Production I.G and CLAMP Team Up to Make the Biggest Anime of 2002

Not a typo. Production I.G. will be churning out another Blood TV series that has nothing to do with the short, shallow, but awesome Blood: The Last Vampire anime or the unrelated, impressively dull 50-episode Blood+ TV series. The new series will be called Blood-C: The Last Dark, where C presumably stands for CLAMP, since the four-woman art team is doing the series’ character designs. I can’t think but this would be a monster hit in 2002, when I.G. was at the top of its game and people hadn’t quite realized CLAMP can only draw about five different people, although they can give them different hair and clothes. Now, in 2012, I remain less than enthused, and the trailer above isn’t helping. (Via Anime News Network)