The New Gundam Series Seems Weird

There’s a Korean pop band called M/V (or something), and they have a song with a ridiculous music video called “Gangham Style.” “Gangham sounds somewhat like “Gundam,” prompting one incredibly patient/talented/insane nerd to replace every single head in the music video with Gundam mecha heads. This is even crazier than you think — not only are there a ton of people in the video, not only does he turn the heads as appropriate, not only does every single person get a distinct Gundam — but, as tipster Eric K. points out, the guy even put the heads in the reflections of the subway windows. Madness! Also, given the progression from Mobile Suit Gundam to Gundam Wing to Seed to Unicorn, this being the next official Gundam series actually makes a disturbing amount of sense.