Minimates Go Vinyl With Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes “Podcast Pals”


Hey kids, do you like Minimates? How about Minimates, only made of vinyl and unarticulated…but the same size? two inches taller?

I confess I have trouble seeing the point – when I first saw these, I figured they’d be substantially bigger. I guess the goal is to put them in poses that aren’t quite possible for the standard base body, but if that’s the case, I might have expected somebody like Spider-Man before Kevin Smith.

Nevertheless, as a budding podcaster myself, I can only find it a good sign that the field is now a gateway to toys of one’s own…even if one has to be both a famous director AND talking specifically about Batman for it to happen. Now bring on a Chris Hardwick one so I can enjoy having him eaten by the Walking Dead Minimates, over-analyzing it as he goes.