Ridley Scott Would Like People to Tell You How Awesome Ridley Scott Is in New Prometheus Featurette

If you can get past all the Ridley Scott fellating in this Prometheus featurette — not the easiest thing in the world for someone who loathes the movie Gladiator like I do — you’re treated to what might actually be the most interesting Prometheus footage yet. Certainly a lot of it’s new, and there are some amazing shots of the fantastic sets, which is infinitely more intriguing than Noomi Rapace saying “Let’s go look for these aliens” and “Oh no! We shouldn’t have looked for these aliens!” as per all the other trailers. Also, we learn that someone actually calls something “Prometheus” in the movie, which is new, or new to me, at least. In almost totally unrelated news — after seeing Michael Fassbender with his blond hair in all these things, it’s dawned on he that he would have been the perfect Ozymandias in the Watchmen movie. Right? Right? (Via Coming Soon)