Super Sony Smash Bros. Is So, So Sad

Destructoid (specifically, my pal Dal North) made an “unofficial” trailer for Sony’s Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, and, if the occasional cut to hilariously awful Super Smash Bros. art doesn’t quite clue you in, they don’t particularly care for it. Possibly because it’s Super Smash Bros. — I mean, exactly Super Smash Bros. — just with the far less exciting PlayStation library of exclusive characters. They’re not even trying to do anything different, and the laziness is actually kind of insulting. And was that a level based on Hot Shots Golf? I love Hot Shots Golf, but as a backdrop to a fighting game? Christ. I can’t help but feel like some prankster at Sony sent this thing out as an April Fool’s Day memo, which some cocaine-addled executive accidentally greenlighted. Sony, I think you’re going to find the audience who want to play a fighting game with Sweet Tooth and Fat Princess in a Hot Shots Golf level to be much more limited than you think.