Supergirl > Superman and Other Cartoon Awesomeness from This Weekend

? As promised, here’s this weekend’s Super Best Friends Forever short, in which Superman grounds Supergirl and Supergirl punches him in the goddamn face and gives him a wedgie. It’s awesome. But it’s not the only awesome thing that happened in cartoons this weekend.

? If you watched The Legend of Korra, you may have noticed at near the end of the episode when Korra passes out, she has a quick vision of adult Sokka, Toph and awesome bearded and an extremely angry Aang — and all this shortly after mentioning a specific incident that Aang had to deal with 42 years ago. Whatever it is, it’s presumably why Korra had to grow up in seclusion. You can see pics of the grown-up Aang Gang here (the bottom two rows).
? Speaking of DC, Young Justice was insane. I thought Lobo was going to be the big news, but no, it’s the fact that there’s a fucking five-year jump between last episode and this one. Dick Grayson become Nightwing and joined the League with Zatanna and Rocket; Tim Drake is now the Robin on the team; Lagoon Boy, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, Wonder Girl, Batgirl and Herald have joined the team too; Aqualad, Kid Flash and Artemis are just gone; and Miss Martian is now dating Lagoon Boy. Oh, and Superboy hasn’t aged. It’s not necessarily awesome yet, but it is pretty insane. Oh, and Young Justice is doing Secret Invasion
? I was pretty excited when I was watching Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Scott Lang showed up. Then I was more excited when Hank Pym hired Luke Cage and Iron Fist. And then I saw the preview for next week’s episode starring THE GUARDIANS OF THE FUCKING GALAXY. Goddammit I can’t believe Marvel is even thinking of canceling this show.