Thanos, Hulkbuster and Other Age of Ultron Figures Revealed at Hong Kong Toy Show


Note: before somebody yells “ZOMG Spoiler!”, keep yer pants on. Or off, if they weren’t on before. This appears to be the Guardians of the Galaxy version of Thanos, and is no indication he’ll be in The Avengers sequel, though I think they’ll have to at least mention him in the credits stinger just to remind folks he’s still around.

The one figure Hot Toys hasn’t spoiled yet is their large-size Ultron, whose appearance remains a secret, though we have a pretty good idea of his general look. But they have now revealed the Hulkbuster Iron Man (a thing of beauty and weight), Black Widow (now with blue costume highlights as well as red, and some nifty rooted hair with a matted look that makes her seem slightly sweaty), Hulk (in stretchier shorts), Thor (no real change), Hawkeye and Captain America (just as you’ve seen them in set pics).

Go check ’em all out, along with some of the upcoming Star Wars line.

I just wanna get Thanos. I assume he’ll be at the gettin’ place.