The Barbie Who Caught Fire


In the list of things that were beyond inevitable, I imagine an official Hunger Games Barbie as Katniss Everdeen doll was somewhere near the top. I’m not sure I expected it to look quite so good, though. That’s a pretty damned accurate version of her Tribute outfit, and her hair is perfect — about the only thing off is her Barbie-esque smile, which probably couldn’t have been avoided, but at least it’s a smaller smirk instead of a full on grin. I’ve seen a few people complain that making a Hunger Games Barbie goes against the spirit of the book, and that the character of Katniss wouldn’t approve. I believe the latter is true, but since Katniss spends most of the second and third books as an unwilling, living marketing campaign, I actually feel this thing is totally appropriate. Yeah, Katniss might not have approved, but the Capitol (and other groups I shan’t name) would totally have sold them if they’d thought of it. (Via The Mary Sue)