The Great Iron Man/Loki Debate of 2012

Don’t be confused by the YouTube title — this new clip from Avengers is the scene where Tony Stark gives Loki his “head count” of who the god of mischief has pissed off, which was used to great effect in the phenomenal and similarly titled “Head Count” TV spot from a few weeks ago. So now you get to see the whole scene, which involves Tony putting on mysterious bracelets. I’m so glad Disney is releasing only short clips instead of a “first 10 minutes of Avengers!” video, because I’m pretty sure I’d be powerless to resist watching it.

In other news, Superhero Hype has a good shot of Loki’s army in Hasbro action figure form from the display at the Times Square Toys “R” Us, and… fuck, I still don’t know what the hell I’m looking at. The figures look more fantasy-ish to me, which makes me think they’re some Norse baddies, but they look more sci-fi in the trailers, and I don’t know why any Norse creatures would have missile shooting sleds, so whatever. I guess we’ll find out in about 23 days or so. Thanks to Shawn P. and Mike T. for the tips!