TR Exclusive: Finally, the Reason Why You Shouldn’t Just Immediately Form Voltron Revealed

It’s been a question long asked among nerds: “Why the hell don’t they just form Voltron at the beginning of the battle and save everyone a lot of time?” It turns out there is an answer, which will finally be revealed in next week’s season finale of Voltron Force. But Topless Robot has an exclusive clip if you want to know now:

My love for Voltron Force has been pretty well-documented on TR, and this clip shows why. It’s taken the original Voltron cartoon, and answered every question any nerdy kid ever asked about it (“Why don’t the Ro-Beasts attack while Voltron is forming? Can the Lions reform in different ways? What happened to Sven? Where exactly did Voltron come from?”) and actually made vastly entertaining episodes out of all of them. The show has also been great at putting Voltron in situations its never faced before — I can’t deny I gasped a tiny bit when the Cthulu-esque Ro-Beast tore Voltron into his component lions at the end of the clip. Anyways, the finale airs next week on NickToons at Wednesday, 8pm EST — and the way I hear it, this isn’t the only shocker in the episode…