A Lannister Always Plays Her Harp

Let it be known I will always support lovely ladies playing beautiful arrangements of nerd music, so I support this video of the Harp Twins — Camille and Kennerly — covering the Game of Thrones opening theme 100%. I don’t even mind when the music video takes us to a neat location, like a castle or a woodland glen. Heck, even themed costumes add a welcome bit of flair to the proceeding.

But there’s a certain point where people need to think about the rest of your presentation. Lindsay Sterling has a bad habit of gadding about, which tends to distract from her lovely music, and Camille and Kennerly here — well, I don’t know the pros and cons of mounting an electric harp to your back, but they’re standing like football linebackers, which makes all the swaying around and beaming at each other… a little weird. Look, I think these girls are super talented, they can do whatever they want, I’m not going to stop them. I just think I would have been able to enjoy their music more if they both sat down on a couple of folding chairs.Thanks to Da Bearon for the tip.