Confusion of the Movie of the Shadow of the Colossus


From Deadline:

Josh Trank has signed with Sony Pictures to develop to direct Shadow Of The Colossus, a big-scale live-action adaptation of the bestselling Sony video game. The film is being produced by Kevin Misher. The studio is interviewing writers to work with Trank, who after directing the $13 million sleeper hit Chronicle has become the go-to guy for big popcorn pictures. Trank takes on a Fumito Ueda-created game that has a strong narrative arc, along with the obligatory creature quotient to get the visual effects crowd excited.
“Strong narrative arc”? Um, I love the game, but here’s the game’s entire story: Kill 16 freaky-ass giants, and then feel bad about it. If Sony manages to make a Shadow of the Colossus movie before an Uncharted movie, I guess we’ll know that they’re coping Warner Bros.’ How to Completely Fail at Making Movies playbook.