Fringe Finale Trailer Proves There Will Indeed Be a Fringe Finale

So.The first episode of the two-part Fringe season finale airs this Friday evening, and Fox released this trailer for it. There’s not a lot new in it, but it does confirm that Olivia’s powers are going to be a plot point, so maybe they’ll get explored and/or explained a bit, which would be nice. If you missed the “on the next episode” preview from last week’s episode, then Walter’s “William Bell is alive” exclamation might be new — although don’t think it necessarily means Leonard Nimoy is coming back, since his last “appearance” was via “soul magnet,” allowing him to inhabit the bodies of another actor (it bares mentioning, as always, that Anna Torv’s Leonard Nimoy impression was killer). Of course, in true J.J. Abrams cock-blocking style, some of the trailer’s footage — presumably of the second part of the finale — is “removed by request of Fox.” I find it far more likely that the Fringe producers would release a trailer with “FOOTAGE THAT CANNOT BE SEEN” in it than Fox would release a promo with a big blank space in the middle, but whatever. We’re getting a fifth season. It’s all cool. (Via Zap2It)